Personal Training Certificate

The Northeast Personal Training Certification is a combination of academic study with the latest practical research. This 15-hour course is a comprehensive, research-based program designed to provide you with all of the skills required to become a personal trainer. Learn cutting-edge information about exercise science, flexibility, resistance training, nutrition, mind/body exercises, and cardio workouts. Experience sports performance enhancement drills and program development techniques.

To become a Certified Personal Trainer, you must receive a passing score on the written and practical exam following your course of study. The course will be instructed by Tom Seabourne, Phd, ACSM, CSCS, ACE.

  • NTCC's Certified Personal Trainer program is jam-packed with lessons that will prep you with the skills to begin your fitness career. Lessons include the basics in cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance, eating for exercise, weight management and more.
  • NTCC is accredited.
  • Our program is 100% self-paced online.
  • Learning aids, blogs, videos, exercise progressions and a study guide are included in your tuition.
  • You’ll have 24/7 access to NTCC's online campus.
  • Our nationally recognized distance education program teaches you all the practical day-to-day skills necessary, as well as the theoretical knowledge needed to excel as a personal trainer.
  • Flexible and progressive online learning format - study at your own pace.
  • Immediate, real-world, practical application from top fitness experts.
  • Online testing.
  • Online educational support before, during and after your certification experience.


To enroll contact Continuing Education at 903-434-8134 or email at

Classes are online and you can complete them at your convenience. The course consists of 15 hours of lecture/demo. The materials include 200 page PT Study Guide (PDF Format),  100's of hands-on videos, and access to a comprehensive fitness website.

Cost of $130.00 is payable before you begin classes.

Students start weekly so give us a call today to get started! 903-434-8134

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