Earn $15 Per Hour!

The Work4College Program gives you an opportunity to attend college without acquiring debt. It also give you a hands-on experience doing meaningful WORK, a chance to SERVE your community and lets you LEARN while you EARN.


WORK: YOU might get your hands dirty working on the college farm. Or, you may spend the summer painting classrooms and dorm rooms or pulling weeds and mowing. Many of you might work in the Student Services area giving tours, recruiting new students, or even helping other students fill out financial aid forms.

SERVE: You will learn the value of giving back to your community by being involved in various community service projects.

LEARN: Work ethic, time management, interview skills, community service and knowledge of other workplace expectations are all a part of your learning experience in the Work4College Program.

EARN: You will earn $15 per hour and work up to 15 hours per week (for 10 weeks). You will receive $7.50 per hour as spending money. The other $7.50 per hour is applied toward your future tuition and fees at NTCC. In other words, you are earning the funds to pay for your degree in advance.


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