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What is anthropology?

What effectuates anthropology is the conquest of what makes us human and gives us definition, taking into account cultural diversities and the elements of time.


Why major in or take an anthropology course?

Anthropology students take the glimpses of the past provided by archaeology, human and animal biological/genetic compositions, and cultural and communication developments to understand the many stratums of the human experience. From the acquisition of nourishment to the question of whether famines are truly circumstantial or caused, students conduct and analyze research and data methodically to answer these and many more questions. Students will gain new perspectives of the cultures around the world and the general function of society.


Skill Building:

Analytical, critical, investigative and writing skills: These are instrumental in this field for research, along with formulating and interpreting ideas. Studies are often reviewed and published. Diligence: A single project can take years of dedication and study. Versatility: This field and its related occupations can involve nontraditional work hours and different forms of physical stamina.


Career Opportunities:

The study of anthropology can lead to a promising career in health and human services, education, government agencies, businesses.

Anthropologists can be found in museums, paleontology, research labs, and forensic/environmental sciences.

Advertising, marketing, and consulting firms also provide many careers.

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