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Philosophy is the hum behind every other field of study, the electrifying discovery of the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. It's a challenging and diverse field that drives us to question our purpose in life and the structure of our interpersonal relationships in addition to academic struggle of proving how we know what we cannot see or sense. It pushes us to question everything from what we believe we know of cosmic paradigms down to the morality of everyday situations. Students of philosophy study the rich history and diverse arguments for existence and essence, reality and perception, consciousness and spirituality. By deconstructing and reconstructing arguments of ancient thinkers and modern philosophers, philosophy equips students with the critical thinking skills and global perspective necessary for an interconnected career field from nursing to law school to teaching. Philosophy will expand your perspective, challenge your beliefs, and strengthen your convictions by introducing you to a world of human potential in our struggle with the Unknown and finding peace with the Known.