Emergency Medical Services

A career in Emergency Medical Services(EMS) is challenging and rewarding.  EMS personnel possesses the knowledge and skills to provide pre-hospital medical care for someone who is ill or injured.  

EMS personnel deal with patients, in all walks of life, who are often at the their worst moments.  Since our patients are often at their worst, EMS personnel have to be at their best.  Being at one’s best  in EMS takes a solid foundation in:

  • understanding how the human body works, 
  • understanding how disease and injury affect the human body, 
  • providing the best  assessment and treatment for a patient,
  • providing the best emotional support for a patient. 

The EMS faculty prepare the student to work as an outstanding and reliable provider in emergency medical care of the ill and injured.

EMS employment opportunities include:

  • Fire Departments 
  • Private Ambulance Services 
  • Municipal Ambulance Services 
  • Hospitals
  • Industrial Safety
  • Flight Services. 


EMS certificates and degrees offered:


  • AAS Degree in EMS 
  • Paramedic Certificate
  • EMT-Basic Certificate
  • Emergency Medical Responder


EMS Continuing Education offered:

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support 
  • Basic Cardiac Life Support 
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Critical Care Paramedic
  • EMS Refresher and Recertification