McGraw Hill Poster Contests

The McGraw-Hill Poster Contest, usually set for the first Friday in May, has been traditionally held in the foyer of the Whatley Center for the Performing Arts at Northeast Texas Community College since 2008. This contest recognizes and rewards creative student scholarship in Northeast Texas. Area high school seniors, college and university students are welcome to compete.

The number one goal judges will be looking for is higher critical thinking. This would be described as a willingness to engage a problem while deconstructing older models and creating new ideas and solutions. The level of research and coherence will also be judged along with the professional appeal of the presentation. Each judge will have a chance to listen to and score the presentations which will be occurring simultaneously around the room. These scores will be averaged to produce a winner announced in the Whatley Foyer soon after the one-hour contest. Prizes range from $100 for fourth place to $400 for first place.

All students wishing to enter the contest should send an abstract of 100 words to Dr. Andrew Yox, Honors Director, at explaining why their project represents an original work of scholarship by noon on April 24, 2019. Yox can also offer advice and help regarding posters and protocol for the contest.


Video on how to judge the NTCC McGraw Hill Poster Contest

Vodcasts of student presentation, and student essays utilized in the 2020 contest.


Past Poster Contest Results

        2020 McGraw Hill Poster Contest (YouTube)