First Generation Students

Are You a First-Generation Student? 

A First-Generation student is an individual whose parents did not complete a 4-year college degree, or if a student resided with and received support from only one parent and this parent did not complete a 4-year university degree. Even if you have a sibling who is attending college or graduating ahead of you. As a first-gen student, you have what it takes to succeed, but sometimes financial, family, academic, or work pressures can make the first-gen student experience particularly challenging.


What is the First-Generation Club?

The Student Success Center and CARE Center understand that the pathway for first-generation students is both unique and challenging.  To alleviate those challenges, we have developed a club that can better support student opportunities for first-generation students as they navigate college life. This club connects students, faculty, and staff with resources, information, and activities that empower students to succeed.  


Connect with us:  

First Gen Wellness Group:
Connect with our peer lead wellness group to learn about living healthy while promoting a healthier and happier community.  

First Gen Voice:
Dedicated to sharing unique stories and experiences of first-generational students.

First-Gen Experience Events:
Students can engage in learning experiences that increase their knowledge and personal growth to success.  Students can participate in activities including but not limited to resource fairs, credit and budgeting workshops, ice cream socials, pancakes and PJs, and health fairs.   

First Gen Student Success Mentor:
A Virtual Success First-Generation Mentor is available virtually to students to engage, encourage, support, and guide first-generation students experiencing challenges every day.  Our mentor works with students to identify goals and offer empowerment and encouragement in achieving said goals. The mentor implores best practices that result in solutions that increase retention and success, and persistence toward goals.

CARE Center Peer Mentor:
Peer Mentors are NTCC student leaders who support and encourage 1st generation students. Peer mentors work directly with new students to provide support and guidance, and assist mentees in navigating college, community resources, and help their peers become more engaged in campus life.  


Meet our Team: 

Madia Arredondo, Virtual Success First-Generation Mentor

Madia is a recent BSW graduate from Texas A&M University-Commerce and a current social work graduate student pursuing her MSW.   She is a first-gen Hispanic student, who embraces her cultural roots.   Her passion is helping bridge the gap between the college and the Hispanic first-gen community.  You can find her in the Student Success/Career & Transfer Center.