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The purpose of this program is to prepare the student for an entry-level position as patient care technician. The program provides competency in the fundamentals of patient care and basic nursing skills, imparting the knowledge and skills, required of certified nursing aides, in addition to training in basic EKG and phlebotomy. Program graduates, will be eligible to obtain a Nursing Aide Certification, a Patient Care Technician Certification, a Phlebotomy Certification, and an EKG Technician certification, upon successfully passing the applicable certification examinations. Graduates will be qualified for employment at hospitals, nursing homes, clinics or at any health care institution under the supervision of a licensed practical or registered nurse. The college awards a certificate upon completion of this program.


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Patient Care Certificate

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The content of the program is designed to provide the student with knowledge of:

  • medical terminology,
  • anatomy and physiology of the human body,
  • the necessary skills for patient care and treatment,
  • to determine medical emergencies,
  • the knowledge required to provide home health care,
  • to follow hospital procedure in benefit of the patients
  • introduction to electrocardiogram
  • phlebotomy
  • hospital procedures
  • nursing clinical practice

Through the completion of the Patient Care Technology program the students will be able to learn medical asepsis, bed making, fire prevention, general care of patients, care of orthopedic patients, diets, nutrients, fluid balance, care of the diabetic patient, gynecological care, and care of the mentally ill. The student will participate in clinical hours that will provide the student with the opportunity to observe, assist, learn and perform in an on-the-job setting the necessary abilities to function with a patient.

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