Meal Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Who is required to purchase a Meal Plan?

All residence hall students are required to purchase the Residential Meal Plan. Students not residing in the halls are not required to buy a meal plan but may choose to purchase the Residential Meal Plan or a 10-Meal Convenience Plan which will be loaded onto their Student ID. For commuters, the meal plans save money, time and your parking spot!

When does my meal plan begin?

Fall semester first meal for students who live on-campus begins on Sunday evening, August 21 2016. Spring semester first meal begins on Monday, January 9, 2017.

How does my meal plan work?

Your Residential Meal Plan allows you to eat any of the 19 meals served per week in the Cafeteria during open hours of operation (Breakfast is served from the Snack Bar). Lunch and Dinner offer a choice of any food you want with unlimited seconds. Meal plans are accepted in the Cafeteria for lunch and dinner and in the Snack Bar for breakfast and a daily lunch equivalency. Your ID card provides access to your meal plan. You must present your card prior to entering the serving areas. The Card system automatically (and in “real time”) keeps track of the meals you eat and deducts them from the balance on your card. The week begins on Monday and ends on Friday. Except for breakfast and the lunch equivalency, items in the Snack Bar are not part of the meal plan. The Snack Bar offers grab and go items, pizzas, sub sandwiches and grill items for purchase.

What if I live in a dorm off campus and only have a reduced meal plan?

This plan allows you to eat five meals per week in the Cafeteria. The meals can be any one of the three during the day, but only once per day.

What is Equivalency?

You may use Equivalency in the Snack Bar for lunch in lieu of an unlimited offerings meal from the Cafeteria. A selected Grill Special or equivalency special will be offered each day that can be used as a meal (with no seconds).

Are unused meal plan balances refunded at the end of the semester or at the end of the academic year?

No, there are no refunds at any time on balances. Students are encouraged to take full advantage of their meal plan during their time in the residence halls. A student on the Residential Meal Plan has the opportunity to use that number of meals each week. The unused meals do not carry over from week to week and do not figure into a refund.

What kind of food is served in the Cafeteria?

Parents will be delighted to know that the Cafeteria serves a wide variety of healthy made-from-scratch meals. Our Food Service Director works hard to create menus that are fresh and exciting. There is something for every taste from an abundant salad bar to delicious hot entrees.

Can my friend eat using my meal plan?

No. Your meal plan is only for your own personal use. Extra meals may be purchased by cash or check.

What if a student has a special dietary need?

The Food Service staff at NTCC will work with students to identify food that is available to meet specific dietary needs. Please contact us at (903) 563-8632 as soon as possible to discuss your specific situation. Great Western Dining will provide a meal consistent with your doctor’s instructions if you are on a special diet.

What if I lose my Student ID?

You will need to go to the Business Office in the Administration Building to get a replacement ID card issued before you can again eat in the Cafeteria or Snack Bar.

If I'm sick and cannot go out to use my meal plan, what can I do?

You will need to ask a roommate or a friend to take your ID card to the front desk of your hall and ask for a Sick Meal Pass. The desk assistant will fill out a request for a meal. Your friend will then take your ID card and the request to the Cafeteria. Your friend will pick out your food and beverage, the cashier will ring up the purchase using your ID card and collect the request.

How do I get involved with the Meal Plan program?

You can get involved by becoming active on your Food Service Committee. Residence dining-related topics covered during the meetings include program and menu planning and how well students' dining needs are being met. For more information or to become involved, contact us at (903) 463-8632.

Can I take food out of the Cafeteria?

No food may be removed from the Cafeteria without prior authorization from a program advisor or coach.

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