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Work… Learn … Earn…


This program is privately funded. This is an investment on the part of Individuals and businesses who believe in this concept enough that they have been willing to make it happen. Students earn $15 dollars per hour. They receive $5 per hour as spending money. The other $10 per hour is applied toward their future tuition and fees. In other words, they are earning the funds to pay for their degree in advance! In addition to learning how to work, this program is giving them an option instead of having to take out student loans.



It works! We piloted it in the summer of 2014 with 15 students-all 15 completed. In the summer of 2015 we had 40 students. Through normal attrition we expected to lose 5-or 6….39 completed the program! The summer of 16 we had 44 students, 43 completed! Also, the average GPA for a student at NTCC is 2.7, (which is consistent with the average GPA at for a student in the state of Texas). However, the average GPA for a student who went through the Work Scholarship Program is 3.1. Is there a correlation between working/paying for your own education and earning good grades? Students who are willing to work have the opportunity to EARN their degree at NTCC……..the most exciting part of this is that there are students out there who are willing to do this, they just need the opportunity.



The program has been so successful that we now have two to three times as many applicants as we do Work Scholarship positions. Through an endowment, we have secured funding for up to 40 students on an annual basis. We believe we have enough meaningful jobs on our campus to provide up to 200 work Scholarship opportunities. We need the resources to grow the program. This will include being able to offer more opportunities for students and provide program funding for staff and supplies.



Now matters! The success of this program has been phenomenal! The momentum is growing. We need to take advantage of this success and provide this opportunity to others. We have something that no one else has and it is working. If programs don't grow, they sometimes go away. This is an investment in the lives of students and the return is immeasurable……….Help us to secure the future of others!



For more Information please contact Dr. Jon McCullough at 903-434-8115 or