Our summer program is named the P.E.A.K.

P reparation
E ducation
A ttitude
K nowledge

During the P.E.A.K. we strive to Prepare our students for college through experience; Educate our students through academic classes; teach them to have a positive Attitude for success; and give them the Knowledge of what it takes to succeed in college and in life.

All Upward Bound participants are required to participate in the P.E.A.K. to remain in UB the following year, unless the Coordinator and Director give prior approval.  The P.E.A.K. consists of five weeks of classes and activities at NTCC and a summer trip.  During this time they will learn more about college life while enhancing their academic and social development.  The planned activities include academic classes, study time, organized recreation, field trips, group meetings, and social activities.  All students that are not seniors must reside in the dorms from Sunday night through Thursday afternoon each week.  In order for a student to leave during the week a parent/guardian must come and sign him/her out.  During business hours come to the UB office, or if it is after 5:00 p.m. sign the students out with the dorm supervisor.  We encourage our students to take college credit classes as soon as they are ready, as early as the end of their sophomore year.  For those students not taking college classes, UB provides non-credit classes to prepare students for their high school classes.

Things students need before the summer program!

To take UB classes only: nothing needed

To take college credit classes:

Juniors--a NTCC application, a letter of recommendation from high school, and a complete high school transcript (must have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible).  If the Junior is exempt* from taking the NTCC placement test, he/she needs to turn in testing scores with the application as well as complete a Concurrent Enrollment Scholarship application (this requires a copy of your tax return).

Seniors--an NTCC application, high school transcript; Federal Financial Aid Application (FAFSA) for both the previous year and the upcoming year; local scholarship applications and any other scholarship applications.

*A student is exempt from taking the NTCC placement test if he/she scores a minimum score (on the TAKS) of 2200 (or higher) and a Subscore of 3 (or higher) on the ELA and a 2200 (or higher) on Math.  The student must meet all three minimum levels to be exempt.


For more info contact the Upward Bound office at 903-434-8219