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What is geography?

Geography weaves the natural sciences and the social sciences together in order to study the diverse lands, multiple environments, and unique inhabitants of Earth.


Why major in or take a geography course?

Geography is a wide-ranging and intriguing subject. This major is for those that marvel at life on Earth and the environmental impact of humans or the inverse. It’s for those that can see themselves addressing challenges in our society and environment locally, regionally, and globally, such as climate change and pollution. It’s for those willing to go the extra mile to chart every mile and the feet of those who have trailed and used its resources. Geography students are provided with the necessary tools to dive into databases while learning to analyze and collect an adequate dossier. Students will sharpen the necessary skills to identify and address environmental and social concerns.


Skill Building:

Analytical, investigative and visual skills: These skills are relevant to geographers working with digital software and images, maps and geospatial databases.

Accuracy: Perhaps one of the most important skills to build, as innovations and research fully depend on the accuracy of geographic research.

Adaptability: This field and its related occupations can involve a large amount of traveling and exposure to different cultures and environments.


Career Opportunities:

A career involving geography can be lucrative and diverse. Geographers can be found working within government agencies, including area planning and development, and perfecting geographic technologies such as Global Positioning Systems. Others use a geography degree to pursue environmental management and disaster relief. Landscaping, land survey, cartography and photogrammetry have commonly been explored by geography students.