Understanding the principles of politics     


What is political science?  

Studies in political science focus on the theory and practice of government at the local, state, national and international levels.


Why take a course or major in political science or government?

Political science is a challenging field that offers many alternatives for individuals looking to understand and become involved in politics at every level.  Students gain proficiency and knowledge of government processes, structures, and behavior.  A political science major requires concern in the latter and an affinity to politics and policy.  Sub-fields include political theory and philosophy, civics, public administration, and public policy.  

Skill Building:

Communication, writing, and leadership skills:  Most careers in this field will require proficiency in these and similar skills.

Problem-solving: Working well under stress and quick decision-making help individuals stand out in political science careers.

Fortitude: Mental and emotional strength, courage, and tolerance to stress valuable characteristics for individuals interested in this discipline.   


Career Opportunities:

Top careers in this field include legislative assistant, public relations specialist, policy analyst, social media and political campaign managers. Others pursue careers as attorneys, journalist, and lobbyist.