What is sociology

Sociology encompasses parts of psychology and anthropology, focusing on social groups of humans and their cultures rather than the individual.


Why major or take a course in sociology?

Sociology covers a wide variety of topics involving society and its functions such as aging, gender, minorities, race, the family and its components.  As members of society, individuals studying sociology are sure to find topics that are interesting and relevant to their everyday lives, regardless of their pursued career. Sociology students gain the awareness necessary to become educated, involved citizens that positively influence society.  


Skill Building:

Analytical, communication and research skills:  Data analysis and research are heavily relied on in this systematic field.    

Conceptual skills:  Insight is often gathered from analyzing patterns and hypothetical situations.  


Career Opportunities:

Graduates pursue careers involving social services, family and mental health services, education and administration, and even business careers, such as marketing and advertising. Specializing in sociology can lead to careers in behavior analysis, university or government research, politics, and law.