Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

What is TSI?

TSI is an acronym for the Texas Success Initiative.  TSI is a state initiative that assesses a student’s readiness to be successful in college-level course work.

Who must take an assessment?

All students, unless otherwise exempt (see below) must take the TSI Assessment prior to enrolling in college-level courses, to determine their course placement.  Transfer Students can meet the TSI Assessment requirements by having appropriate coursework in Reading, Writing, and Math.

TSI Exemptions: (scores must be within 5 years of test date)

ACT Reading/Writing: Composite 23 and English 19 Math: Composite 23 and Math 19


SAT Reading/Writing: Composite 1070 and Verbal 500 Math: Composite 1070 and Math 500


TAKS – 11th Grade Reading/Writing: E/LA 2200 with a 3 writing score Math: Math score of 2200


STAAR – English III Reading EOC, Level II / Algebra II EOC, Level II

Testing Center: The Testing Center located on the main Northeast Texas Community College campus in the Business Technology (BT) Building, room 101.

Students who are not TSI complete must enroll in at least one developmental course every semester until they are TSI complete.