Besides having dynamic classes with award-winning professors and students of like-mind and motivation, honors students at NTCC have several advantages:

  • Negligible education costs with merit-based scholarships (Possible savings of more than $20,000 a year for a comparable education at a top university).
  • Free Use of Laptops
  • It is almost certain, with the yearly round of contests, research opportunities, trips, and activities that a student's résumé will be better with us than at a state university.
  • Free field trips, socials and cultural activities
  • Courses that count for both honors and general education credit
  • Honors designation on your transcripts and Presidential Scholars Medallion upon graduation
  • At Honors Northeast, professors ask you if you will need a recommendation. We keep running tabs of your accomplishments, and try to promote your success.
  • Lucrative transferability to leading universities and four-year honors programs; payment of application fees to world-class universities
  • A definite edge in the workforce
  • Linkage to community patrons with meals and luncheons.
  • An honors office reserved for your work, conferring an ability to compare notes with other honors students, with free printing, and often, free drinks provided.
  • More opportunities to publish, present work, to appear in a film, win a poetry or poster contest. (We believe that scholarship is the best route to scholarships).
  • Some help with textbooks.

Did You Know?

NTCC is the only community college in the nation to have sent scholarly student presenters to the National Collegiate Honors Council every year since 2008.