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  • research group in Austin
    Honors students advance film research in Austin

    Vanessajane Bayna’s state Caldwell-Award winning essay on toxification and big oil in Texas may not only result in a publication.  The NTCC Presidential Scholar now awaiting her sophomore year may see her work one day as a cinematic premiere. This past May, four upcoming scholars of Honors Northeast...

  • Perez and Bayna
    Two Presidential Scholars win Eckman Awards

    For their performance in the spring of 2024 in honors at NTCC in relation to their peers, two Presidential Scholars will win $100 checks.  Sophomore Neida Perez (pictured left), the college’s James and Elizabeth Whatley Scholar, came out ahead among the sophomores, scoring the highest among the two-year cohort in the McGraw Hill Poster contest, and posting a perfect GPA while winning the All-USA Team scholar award...

  • Luke McCraw in graduation regalia
    Presidential Scholar wins $12,000 scholarship at Dallas Baptist University

    Northeast Texas has had a strong connection to a leading evangelical center of higher learning, Dallas Baptist University.  From 1979 to 1987, W. Marvin Watson, a former chief of staff for President Lyndon Johnson and long-term resident of Daingerfield, served as the university’s president.  In 2009 DBU dedicated its landmark chapel, an 8-million-dollar gift from Lonnie (Bo) and Patty Pilgrim of Pittsburg...

  • winners
    Winners announced for 16th annual McGraw-Hill Poster Contest

    NTCC’s emeritus professor, Dr. Mary Hearron, asked the question in the minds of more than a few. Was not this year’s NTCC scholarly poster contest, fortified by a generous contribution from Beverly Kelley of Mount Vernon, and the continued support of the McGraw-Hill corporation on 10 May, the best ever?  For Dr. Chuck Hamilton, a former NTCC professor, now at Texas A&M University - Central Texas, and also a judge, the answer was an emphatic, “yes"...

  • mccraw with poster
    Florio Scholar presents seven times in one semester

    Luke McCraw, the winner of the 2023 Dr. Charles Florio Award for leadership, recently completed his fifth public presentation on his film research this semester, in Naples. He is booked for two more presentations. NTCC’s Presidential Scholar from Mount Vernon was the lead researcher behind the recent Caldwell-Award-winning film on the traveling preachers of early Texas. According to Honors Director, Dr. Andrew P. Yox, “McCraw’s versatility as a local presenter is enhanced by his remarkable knowledge of theology and Scripture...

  • Fondren with poster
    Annual McGraw-Hill Poster Contest planned for May

    The Sixteenth Annual McGraw-Hill Poster Contest is set for Friday, May 10th at 9:30 a.m. in the foyer of the Whatley Center for the Performing Arts at Northeast Texas Community College. This contest recognizes and rewards creative student scholarship in Northeast Texas. Area high school seniors, college and university students are welcome to compete. Prizes range from $100 for fourth place to $400 for first place. Community judges will determine a project’s contribution to scholarship, the persuasiveness of its author, and the quality of the overall presentation. The student posters must reflect new and original research, performed in this past year of 2023-24.

  • newsletter screenshot
    Honors releases new Alacrity newsletter

    Since 2008, the honors program of NTCC has published a biannual newsletter. The current issue provides a summary of student success stories in honors last fall: NTCC’s four presenters who made the National Collegiate Honors Council, Neida Perez’s election...

  • melody mott with certificate
    Melody Mott wins $300 scholarship

    Melody Haruna Mott, NTCC’s assistant honors director, a student mentor, and an advisor for NTCC’s work with Phi Theta Kappa has just won a major award for a graduate-level essay.  Her work on the Texas-Mexico borderlands before the Civil War provides an exclusive comparison with the oft-portrayed United States-Canada borderlands of this period...

  • two students watching preview
    Two Honors scholars at the heart and soul of coming film

    Was it fifteen times, the official honors count, or twenty-five times? Kaden Groda, and Michael Rodriguez, two NTCC honors scholars who were stalwart supporters of the coming film on the traveling preachers, believe it was more than the official count.  But they weren’t counting.  They loved the process. The coming film project was exceptional in NTCC history