Biology Curriculum

The general biology sequences of BIOL 1406, 1407 (majors) and 1308, 1309 (non-majors) fulfill the requirements for students seeking the AA or AS degree.  The anatomy and physiology sequence of BIOL 2401, 2402 is required by the following health disciplines: Nursing, Physical therapy Assistant, Human Performance and Medical Laboratory Technology Programs at NTCC.  Additionally, BIOL 1322, Nutrition and BIOL 2420, Microbiology, and BIOL 2316, Genetics are required or electives for certain health disciplines or are taken by those student pursuing pre-professional studies.  BIOL 2404, Survey of Anatomy and Physiology is an important foundation for the funeral science and social work programs of study.  In 2007, the department became an integral component of the NTCC Honors Program with the development of the BIOL 1406/HIST 2301 Interdisciplinary Seminar.