A history degree is more important than ever. Studying history allows one to assimilate, analyze, and prioritize information, skills vital to decision making in all aspects of life today. Most people will have 6 to 10 jobs in their career. History majors are among those most adaptable to new circumstances as it gives them the ability to function in a variety of settings. History provides a multi-faceted view of the world, enabling one to see beyond one’s perspective and understand others.


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Most people who study history do not become professional historians; they enter a variety of professions. Historians work in museums and various media centers. They conduct research for business or public agencies. History majors often become well-paid lawyers, judges, or civil servants. The analytical skills learned by studying history also works well on Wall Street.



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What's so great about history at NTCC?

Everyone who teaches here loves what they do - and it shows!  We try to offer you interesting and thought provoking opportunities.  Each May we offer a travel study course to Washington, D.C.  Some of our on-campus courses take field trips to local sites and unique exhibits; in others, you may get to dress up as a historical character.  Each instructor has a unique style.  For the exceptional students, the Honors Program offers research and publishing opportunities seldom found at the freshman level.  A thought-provoking film series each semester in conjunction with the Division of Languages and Literature provides opportunities for greater discussion.  We also offer a variety of ways to earn college credit in History - the traditional on-campus course, online courses, accelerated hybrid-courses (earn credit in as little as six weeks), mini-mester (Dec-Jan) and intercession (May) options, as well as dual-credit for high school students. 

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