Industrial Technology Program

The NTCC Industrial Technology Program trains highly-skilled professionals in a real-world atmosphere. Industrial technology and maintenance is an ever-growing career with unlimited job opportunities. Graduates of the program have the skills and knowledge they need to begin a successful career as an industrial maintenance technician with regional, national, and international manufacturers.

conveniently located

The NTCC Industrial Technology Program is conveniently located in the Industrial Technology Training Center, at 1100 Lakewood Drive (westbound I-30 Service Rd.) in Mount Pleasant, TX.  The newly renovated facility is a great place to learn in a hands-on environment.

Our experienced faculty, small class sizes, and self-paced instruction make this program a unique learning opportunity for students seeking to learn new job-skills or upgrade existing skills.


At Northeast Texas Community College you will...
  • Train for an exciting career in industrial maintenance
  • Learn all of the skills you need to maintain industrial equipment
  • Enjoy industry-standard practical hands-on experiences
  • Work at your own pace in a competency-based instructional program
  • Receive expert guidance and instruction from qualified teachers