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The agriculture program at Northeast Texas Community College provides students with a solid background in cutting edge technologies a traditional management strategies to provide leadership for the agriculture industry of the future. The combination of progressive instruction with applied labs on our working farm delivers an exceptional educational experience that provides our graduates with a competitive edge above their peers in the marketplace.


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Graduates typically will find employment opportunities in:

  • Equipment retail sales and service
  • Farm Operations
  • Crop production management
  • Production and agriculture service companies
  • Crop and farm product processing facilities
  • Agribusinesses opportunities such as farm insurance, commodity marketing and farm supply



Agriculture isn't just for farmers. Agriculture degrees open up a variety of career options, ranging from sales and marketing with big agribusinesses to management with commercial nurseries. An agriculture degree can even be a launching pad to a career in agricultural law. The best hiring prospects are students who take classes covering a wide array of agricultural topics, from sustainable farming to general animal science.

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These are exciting times for agriculture. What used to be a strict concept in farm management of "go big or go home" has begun to transition to include successful niche styled farms. These farms are sustainable and small-scale yet are working alongside conventional large-scale commercial operations to reduce input costs, preserve our natural resources and meet the demand of an ever growing population. The Food and Agriculture Organization, published a report in 2009 which suggested that by 2050 agricultural production must grow by 70% to meet projected demand. Since most land suitable for farming is already in use, this growth must come from higher yields. Students at our college and around the nation must collaborate in order to feed the world without destroying it. This translates into a sense of urgency to fill ever growing job openings to meet this challenge.



Northeast has made a significant investment in its sustainable agriculture program, as provided for by the College's Board of Trustees and the Administration. The Elizabeth Hoggatt Whatley Agriculture Complex, approval and implementation of a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board-approved sustainable agriculture curriculum, development of the Eagle Eye Demonstration Market Farm, and an installation of compost tea equipment are all dynamic examples of a strong institutional commitment to the program. While our sustainable side is a new concept for Northeast and most of Texas - it was built out of an appreciation of our 250 acre working cow-calf and hay operation that continues to provide a living lab for our students and community.



NTCC's Agriculture Department works with area educators, youth organizations (more than 1,000 youth per year participate in career and FFA events on the NTCC campus), and citizens to provide training opportunities for those interested in operating small- to medium-sized farms and ranches in a sustainable and profitable manner. Please make yourself at home on our website, and if the opportunity presents itself come by and visit our state-of-the-art facility!

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