Honors Northeast

We offer very competitive scholarship packages and additional benefits. As an honors student at NTCC you will be part of a small, close-knit community of driven individuals. Our program focuses heavily on research. Students have numerous opportunities to present their projects at the regional and national levels. Students also receive personal advising  and one-on-one coaching from honors professors with doctorates.

Honors Northeast is a recognized honors program with national standing.


Program Description:

In addition to their regular coursework, NTCC Honors students enroll in an Interdisciplinary Seminar each semester. This unites two courses with a similar focus and promotes critical thinking across disciplines. Students also participate in numerous extracurricular activities and trips that help them develop their unique academic interests.

Feature-Length Films Produced by Scholars of Honors Northeast

Recent publications of NTCC Honors Scholars in state journal.

Transfer Opportunities:

Students in NTCC Honors have transferred to some of the top universities in the nation. Our program is designed to prepare driven students for the rigors of university study. Graduates have a solid success rate after leaving NTCC and have earned very competitive national scholarships.

NTCC Honors students have earned millions of dollars in transfer-scholarships since the program began in 2007, including full-rides to Baylor, Rice, Southern Methodist University, Texas A&M at College Station, Texas Christian, Texas Tech, and UT Austin.

Scholarships and other financial aid are available.

Mission Statement

NTCC Honors strives to provide free and exemplary education. It exists to develop original ideas and successful projects. Inclusive and supportive, the program resolves to enroll ambitious, rising, students, promote their careers, and enhance the vitality of the college and surrounding community.