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NOTICE of Application Deadline Extension for Traditional ADN (RN) and VN Programs only:
Applications for the Traditional 2-year ADN (RN) Program and Vocational Nursing Programs will be received and processed through June 20th at midnight. After June 20th, any applications received will be evaluated for the next admissions cycle (2023-2024 Academic Year). Please note: This applies only to our traditional nursing programs and not Transition Day or Night applicants whose deadline remains February 18th.

Nursing is a challenging, gratifying career that involves treating and educating patients during times of physical and emotional need. Nurses are special people who have a unique ability to work well with others; show compassion, caring and empathy for patients; and the ability to maintain professionalism in stressful situations. Nursing is not a field for everyone, but is extremely rewarding for those who are called to do it.


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A certificate as a Certified Nurse Aide is a requirement for application to the nursing program (VN or RN).

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Northeast costs significantly less than many other nursing programs. We’d love for you to visit with us to find out more about what makes us special.

Nurses work in all medical facilities and specialties. Since nurses are needed all over the world, they are often in high demand. Nursing salaries vary drastically depending upon location, experience, specialty, shifts and other factors.

Education information:

The nursing program at NTCC is an innovative, modern, nursing program designed to bring real world meaning to content knowledge and skills. As such, NTCC has adopted the Texas Concept Based Curriculum and implemented a hybrid flipped classroom approach to instruction. Instead of the traditional instructional model, the lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures, readings, and assignments are done at home before class sessions, and in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, and discussion. Students must be prepared to embrace a non-traditional model of instruction and work outside their comfort zone. Students who are concerned with this method of instruction are highly encouraged to visit with the program director prior to application and gain a full understanding of the program expectations. NTCC is committed to producing nursing graduates with not only the knowledge of nursing practice but also with the ability to apply this knowledge in complex and varied situations. 

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