Pharmacy Technician

This certificate program consists of 288 contact hours of lecture, lab and internship training for students to become Community Pharmacy Technicians in a retail pharmacy environment. Instruction emphasizes the practical application of pharmacy mathematics, pharmaceutical terminology, drug packaging and labeling, dosage preparation, inventory systems and management, and customer service.

Upon successful completion of the Community Pharmacy Technician Program, students will receive a certificate of completion including competencies from each course within the curriculum.


Required Courses:

Medical Terminology (MDCA1013) 32
Introduction to Pharmacy (PHRA 1001) 64
Pharmaceutical Mathematics (PHRA 1209) 48
Drug Classification (PHRA 1005) 64
Clinical: Pharmacy Technician  (PHRA 1061) 80
Program Hours 288
Tuition/fees $1,485


Financial Aid

Qualifying students may be eligible for financial aid. The Texas Public Education Grant (TPEG) is available to assist non-credit students with tuition expenses only. TPEG application directions can be obtained by submitting proof of eligibility from the NTCC financial aid office. Students are encouraged to apply at least one month prior to registration.

Following submission of the TPEG application, students should follow up with the advisors in the Northeast Texas Community College Financial Aid Department for specific details related to the approval and disbursement of awards. Students may also check with Continuing Education staff members to verify the posting of TPEG awards.

Students that do not qualify for financial aid can set up a payment plan with Northeast Texas Community College. Additional limited assistance may be available. Contact the Continuing Education Department for more information on the student payment plan, at 903-434-8134.



Application Process

There is no formal application process for enrollment into this program. Registration occurs through the continuing education department at NTCC. For information on registration please contact our Continuing Education Department or Renee Tomlin-Williams at 903-434-8350.

Our Pharmacy Tech program utilized the industry leading pharmacy software, PioneerRX. PioneerRX enhances the learning experience for our students by allowing a hand-on approach to learning that simulates the day to day functions of pharmacy operations. To learn more about PioneerRX visit their webpage